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We use light-curing materials of last generation Estet-X (Germany) for strength seal and materials from Dentspy firm for better adhesion .

When working in the channels (root canal) we use flexible files and the files, which take anatomical root canal for better cleaning and processing. Handmade and machinemade root tip provide machining root canal.
Work in the channels assumes a thorough medical processing (washing). The solution that washes channels minimize the microflora of the channel and are harmless to the body. Next,we obturate channels reliable (closed).
Results of treatment are guaranteed.

monitoring and diagnostic images Rx.

Curettage gums and polishing.

 Teeth Whitening
 Office bleaching
 Home whitening


Removal of an anatomically complex teeth
Removal with sutures
Extraction with wells filled osteoplastic material and covering the wounds of the membrane
Apectomy with granulation tissue with preservation of the tooth
Remove half of the teeth
Remove half of the tooth with a filling hole bone.


Installing the implant bone without compensation
Installing the implant with bone tissue reparation
Thickening of the bone plate of the maxillary sinus

Orthopaedic treatment

1. Metal-ceramic crown (Germany)

2. Zirconia ceramic crown

3. Clasp prosthesis with attached files, rail attached files, in order to best cosmetics and retention of prosthesis

4. Conventional plate

Guaranteed strength orthopedic construction and the appropriate measure of beauty based on facial anatomy.

All the tools that come in contact with blood are one-off!

Tools do not come into contact with blood take 3x sterilization:
   1. Sterilizing solutions
   2. Autoclaving
   3. Samples to be sterilized

The novelty and value of the methods we used

Ozone therapy in the treatment of root canals and gum
Silvering the water in the treatment of gums and root canals

Dental laser

Dear patients, the section made by the laser, begins to live quickly, than the section made by mechanical way. It is sanitarily safe and has a very little trauma for the patient.

With the help of the laser we do also:
1) Correction of the bridle lips and the tongue.
2) Treatment of lips herpes, stomatitis
3) (Cheilitis) - a disease of a bright red border of lips.
4) Bleaching of teeth

Dental visiograph

Dear patients we use today the dental visiograph because it has essential advantages, which are:

1. The dose of the radioactive radiation, necessary to receive a qualitative picture, 100 times less.
2. The information of the picture made by dental visiograph, is much higher than a classical method with movie use.
3. Doing a picture by the dental laser we use digital technologies. That is why it is possible not only to see the picture, but also to increase it in case of need, to show the auxiliary ledges, to determine density of the fabrics and bones and many other things which can be necessary for the diagnosis specification.
4 . It is easily located in the mouth of patient, without causing absolutely discomfort.

More about Implants

The main direction of activity in our clinic, along with the standard methods of treatment, is the method of lost teeth restoration by means of implants, which is widely used all over the world.

For valuable replacement of lost teeth with porcelain fixed bridges which are reclined on healthy teeth, a new decision of the problem is found by using implants. By the way the neighbor teeth in this case are remained untouched. The same denture that creates inconvenience in case of supporting teeth absence can make by means of implants, tightly attached to the gum and absolutely motionless.

Adaptation doesn't create any danger for health.

Implant is a small metallic screw made of titanium which is covered by biologically inert material, which is close to human bone by its composition and does not cause any allergic reactions and is properly accepted by body.

The process of insertion of the implant is not more painful than any other stomatological manipulation.
The only unpleasant perception - is injection.

Duration of implants' insertion lasts no more than 15 minutes.

We'll be happy to give our assistance to all the patients who desire it. We'll help You return your previous smile and healthy teeth. More detailed about our services and prices You'll get from our next page.

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